DTLA: Lunch at Ramen Koo

spicy tuna roll


I’ve now gone to Ramen Koo a handful of times. It’s a newish spot on 7th in Downtown Los Angeles with an even newer location on Melrose. I find it perfect for a hearty bowl of noodles without going all the way to my favorite ramen joints in Little Tokyo.

chicken leg and pork ramen


Koo is known for a huge honkin’ chicken leg that’s supremely tender. While LA is very fond of tonkotsu ramen, don’t sleep on this one. There’s a silky fatty quality in this soup as well. Afterward, you may very wonder why you’ve slipped into food corner when you just had “chicken noodles.”

I usually do get it with the pork as well but after being defeated by the bowl — that is, I’m not able to finish it– I will opt for just chicken next time.

crispy tuna rice


I also don’t need any combos but I have tried it with various sides including the spicy tuna roll (passable) and the crispy tuna rice (better).

curry rice


My friend had curry rice with chicken tonkatsu (not to be confused with tonkotsu ramen). I do believe they have pork katsu as well but I didn’t try it.

Ramen Koo is fairly small and most of the seating is communal. You may want to take a stool by the window to watch the shenanigans on the street.

Ramen Koo

225 W 7th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014  —  (213) 395-0988


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