DTLA: Omakase at Inko Nito

sashimi moriawase


I recently checked out the omakase menu at Inko Nito.

It’s a really great deal with a lot of food! So come hungry!

My favorite was the sashimi moriawase which featured so many tasty bites with three different sashimi, a roll and even a bit of poke (called tartare on the menu).


drinks at inko Nito


The drinks are solid at Inko Nito. There are a few newer ones including the Ume Julep and the District.


Ume Julep – mezcal, shiso shochu, passionfruit, peach bitters

District – bourbon, gentian amaro, absinthe, pomegranate, bitters




I can never say no to seafood. I loved the scallops skewers. One was perfect though I wouldn’t have minded having both. But you are not going to leave unsatisfied!

yellowtail salad


Ooh, more sashimi. I’ll even eat the yellowtail with arugula.

Brussels sprouts


It’s not all fish at Inko Nito. The brussels sprouts and later the cauliflower are both very good.

beef cheeks


I’ve had the beef cheeks at Inko Nito before. I’m glad it’s part of the omakase menu. You make yourself a lettuce wrap by shredding some of the tender beef and adding a bit of daikon and sauce.




The branzino was just perfect. I love tomatoes and did you know that it’s actually better to have cooked ones? The lycopene is apparently activated when cooked.



As mentioned I loved the veggies and the cauliflower with Parmasean is a winner. Just a ton of nice creamy cheese (when melted).


creme brulee


Did we leave room for dessert? Well, we got it anyway as part of the omakase. The creme brulee brought our Japanese fusion meal to an end but my dining partner and I still talk about it many months later. I think it’s a great idea to bring a first or second date here.

Inko Nito

225-227 S Garey St., Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (310) 999-0476

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