Koreatown: Soup at Yangji Gamjatang



I can eat soup every day. And I love that I can find a late night spot in Koreatown pretty much any time of the day. One brisk night, I headed to my favorite corner plaza at 6th & Alexandria to find a bite to eat. We opted to check out Yangji Gamjatang since there was no wait.


seolleongtang (beef) soup


While everything was fine, I was filled with regret we didn’t wait for Sun Nong Dan next door. Now, that’s a great soup! Yes, although you can customize the generally mild soup any way you want (salt, green onions, etc), SND’s soup still has flavor. I can hear friends this would be a good spot if you’re sick and need a mild broth.

Just go to SND or Hangari Baijirak Kalguksu, the noodle soup specialist, also in the same plaza.


Yangji Gamjatang

3470 W 6th St., Ste 6, Los Angeles, CA 90020  —  (213) 388-1105


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