Koreatown: Late Night Soup at Sun Nong Dan

rice cake soup


It was late and we headed to Koreatown for soup. It was a cooler night so a giant pot of Korean food sounded good to me. We ended up at Sun Nong Dan. I have seen the lines at the Ktown location and never wanted to wait. I have been to the SGV location and know they’re known for the shortribs stew. However I wanted to try something new.

I loved the rice cake soup. There is a ton of seaweed in this mild broth with egg and beef. Plus the rice cakes were plentiful. This portion is big enough to share. Have this with some rice and you got a great meal.



I also appreciated the selection of banchan. The leeks were really great with the food. Use the dipping sauce of onions and jalepenos for your pieces of beef.

brisket soup


While we were there, we also had the simple brisket soup. The beef was so tender! We really didn’t need this soup since we had the big rice cake one but I’m glad we tried it.

Sun Nong Dan

3470 W 6th St., Ste 7, Los Angeles, CA 90020  —  (213) 365-0303


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