Highland Park: Brunch at Cafe Birdie

drinks at Cafe Birdie


Recently I enjoyed brunch at Cafe Birdie in Highland Park. Although it’s been open for a few years now, I’ve never checked it out before. I have been to the back bar, Good Housekeeping, plenty of times and always meant to try the food out.

I am not much of a bellini or mimosa gal so I was glad to get the Little Red Corvette. It surely did get my engines going with a blast of both Fernet-Branca and Campari. Wowie wow!

Little Red Corvette – Fernet-Branca, Campari, peach liqueur, orange, lemon

mushroom toast


Really, you can’t go wrong if you start with a few savory toasts to share. Mushrooms and apples went so well together.



I really liked the blood oranges with the burrata. I never thought about putting those two together. Great combination!

pea tartine


It may look like avocado toast but it’s actually smashed peas. This pea tartine was so good. Loved the cheese as well.

Shanghai Gin

The Shanghai Gin was my favorite drink of the three I tried. I always love Benedictine and Chartreuse together. Those French monks gotta stick together! It’s a boozy drink for a fine brunch.

Shanghai Gin – gin, Benedictine, Yellow Chatreuse, lemon

biscuits and gravy


I discovered way too late in life how much I love Southern food and how I could have been eating stuff like biscuits and gravy years earlier. I’m making up for lost time now with Cafe Birdie’s version. And check out that egg. It made the perfect yolk porn video but also added to the creamy texture of the dish.

Moroccan fried chicken


I don’t care that everyone is on the fried chicken train. It just means more for us who have loved fried chicken since the days of Pioneer Chicken. Yep, that’s right, that’s my old school joint when I was a kid. But I appreciate the new school flavors of the Moroccan dipping sauces.

Paloma Pica


And who needs Squirt in a Paloma when you can have a fancy pants version with grapefruit cordial! What a fun Paloma from Cafe Birdie. I also liked the touch of Ancho Reyes to give it some spice.

Paloma Pica – mezcal, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, grapefruit cordial, lime

shrimp and grits


I was intrigued by the shrimp and grits. The grits was a combination of quinoa and riced cauliflower. How very on trend and healthy! The shrimp were so juicy as well.

Now that I’ve popped my Cafe Birdie brunch cherry, I gotta go back for more drinks and dinner! Plus, swing around back to Good Housekeeping.


Cafe Birdie

5631 N Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90042  —  (323) 739-6928


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