Pico-Union: Pozole Versus Birria at El Parian

but first, let’s have a michelada


Years ago, I put El Parian on my list of restaurants to try. I love birria and particularly the soup made with goat. However, years passed until I saw a recent review of their pozole. Ooh, I love pozole too! So I grabbed a couple of friends and we headed over for a soup challenge.



The three of us shared two bowls. The bowls are on the smaller side. I liked the pozole but even after I dressed it and flecked in some dried oregano, I wanted a deeper flavor. I will continue my pozole hunt but every now and then I think about the wonderful version over at Guelaguetza and the fancy one at Bar Ama.




As for the birria, I’m glad I tried it! I want my own bowl next time though so I can have all the meat. Funny story, when my rideshare pulled up, I didn’t immediately spot it because I half-expected the restaurant to feature a goat on its signage. When you go through the door in the front, it opens up into a large-ish restaurant. It doesn’t look like it’d be that big. And every table was filled on a Sunday afternoon. There’s a small parking lot out back which is good because the area can be busy with the restaurants at the neighboring strip mall.


El Parian

1528 W Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015  —  (213) 386-7361

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