Pasadena: Happy Hour at Foothill

drinks at Foothill

While I was looking for a spot to meet a friend in Pasadena, I discovered Twohey’s turned into Foothill.

We sat at the bar and you should specify you’re here for happy hour. We discovered a great moderately priced list of drinks and food.

I noticed some of the drinks from the old Twohey’s menu are still on the new Foothill menu like the El Pomelo.

My friend liked her drink. While I like lavender, I’m not always into it for drinks. I enjoyed my old fashioned whiskey cocktail.


The Huntington – lavender chamomile-infused vodka, honey, orange, lemon

Foothill Old Fashioned – Smooth Ambler bourbon, root beer reduction, chocolate mole bitters


pumpkin seed hummus


We ordered the pumpkin seed hummus. It came with buttered bread. My friend who is vegan asked for plain bread. They were going to charge us for extra bread unless they took away the buttered stuff. I ate the cheese which we asked to be on the side. She really liked the hummus. I thought it was different with the very Fall-like seasoning (was that cinnamon?). I am just not a savory and sweet at the same time person. I stuck with all the celery though.

I also had wings (not shown). These were juicy and a great deal for happy hour. Between the wings, celery and fries (shown above), I was pretty happy.

Pasadena needs more spots where it’s casual but you can still get a nice drink and a bite to eat while catching up with friends. I appreciated while busy, it wasn’t too loud.


2835 E Foothill Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107  —  (626) 449-2337


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