Pasadena: Introducing Twohey’s Tavern

fried chicken


Twohey’s Tavern in Pasadena just opened a few weeks ago. It is a classic American restaurant with modern leanings. You’ll find a menu from Chef Travis Limoge featuring everything from fried chicken to ham steak. He’s committed seasonal cooking but you might find items he has pickled or preserved throughout the year. For instance, I saw he had jars and jars of tomato sauce he had cooked down for pasta sauces for when the tomatoes weren’t so good. And his peach preserves will adorn ham year round.


Into the Wild


Besides sampling some of the food at a recent Friends and Family night with media, I checked out the drinks from bar consultant Pat Tang. Pat has worked everywhere from Otium to Rose Cafe.

You’ll find that seasonality in his drinks as well. The Into the Wild features Del Maguey Vida mezcal  with a nicely tart blueberry-thyme shrub.

Into the Wild- mezcal, blueberry-thyme shrub, lime


El Pomelo


Grapefruit will always be my favorite citrus. The El Pomelo is Pat’s version of a Paloma but much craftier. He also introduces a spicy element with the Ancho Reyes chile liqueur.

El Pomelo – tequila, Aperol, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, grapefruit oleo saccharum, lime, soda water

Bobbing for Apples


Another favorite this night was the Bobbing for Apples. I also enjoy honeycrisp apples so this was a great Fall/ Winter seasonal drink. But knowing LA can go from 80 degrees one week to 60 the next, this is really a good cool drink on those warm winter days.

Bobbing For Apples – bourbon, Honeycrisp apple, cinnamon syrup, apple gomme, lemon, sparkling wine


Old Town


Twohey’s Manhattan variation is called Old Town (as in Old Town Pasadena). There was a time in my life I went after every Manhattan variation I could find. I like this rye one with some interesting Lustau vermouth.

Old Town – rye, Averna amaro, Lustau Vermut, bitters

Rose Bowl


I can already predict the Rose Bowl will be Twohey’s top seller. The pretty pisco sour variation features rosé syrup with peach bitters.

Rose Bowl – pisco, gin, rosé syrup, strawberry, egg whites, citrus, peach bitters

Pasadena oddly doesn’t have that many great craft cocktail bars and solid restaurants. Twohey’s is the answer to that hunt for good drinks and food in the ol’ 626.


Twohey’s Tavern

2835 E Foothill Blvd.,  Pasadena, CA 91107  —  (626) 449-2337

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