Las Vegas: Dim Sum and Then Sum at New Asian BBQ (Tan Tung Ky)

New Asian BBQ


My last Las Vegas trip started with me landing and immediately going to get dim sum. I didn’t even go to the hotel to check in first. I wanted lunch ASAP and I thought the cart situation at New Asian BBQ aka Tan Tung Ky off strip looked good.

That’s right, it’s traditional dim sum carts but somehow we ordered like food was never going to come around again. We may have gotten 5 orders of siu mai alone…

siu mai


Coming from Los Angeles and the land of good Chinese food, I found New Asian BBQ to be good .. for Vegas. Yes, I’d return. But in LA, this place would hover around the average mark. Still, we had a great time with our group and by the end, we wondered how was everything so affordable when we went to town (literally) on all the dumplings.

har gow


The two standards that I judge all dim sum on are har gow and siu mai. The siu mai (shown above) are pork dumplings. These were fine. I found them a bit small (I’m now used to the pleasantly plump ones in the San Gabriel Valley). The har gow aka crystal shrimp dumplings were also just fine. We did get a few of these but as mentioned, ordered more siu mai.


shrimp cheung fun


And the third standard I measure Chinese dim sum on is cheung fun. These rice rolls were good though I wished the shrimp were just a tad bigger and possibly fresher.


taro puffs


I will probably skip anything not steamed in the future. The wu gok or taro puffs were sadly cold and chewy instead of being crisp with warm centers.

spare ribs


The spare ribs were good. I find most people don’t care for these little tidbits. I wonder if it’s because of the appearance of little chunks of meat. But you know what? Everyone loves popcorn. Just think of this as meat popcorn. Then you won’t be able to stop eating these!

leek dumplings


I was sad the leek dumplings were also cold. I can see them being good with another round on the flat top though.


chicken feet


Yes, I was the only one eating the chicken feet.

radish cakes


Radish cakes are a must order for me.

tofu wrapped veggies


I also love shing juk guern (all right, I have no idea how to spell this) but these are rolls of meat and veggies wrapped in bean curd skins.

scallop dumplings


I will order any and all dumplings. These were on par with the siu mai and har gow.

beef balls


I also ordered beef balls for the table thinking other people like these Chinese beef balls. I’m personally not a huge fan. But if you’re looking for a shot of protein, this is in with bits of cilantro.




The tripe was also all mine. This was a good dish.



It turns out I ordered greens for myself too. The Chinese broccoli was well steamed with a generous serving of oyster sauce.


shrimp stuffed eggplant


Finally I snagged a dish of shrim stuffed eggplant. Like some of the dishes we had, this would have been fabulous piping hot.

I’m heading back to Vegas soon so maybe I’ll find myself over at New Asian BBQ again. I can always eat dim sum!


New Asian BBQ  — Tan Tung Ky

5150 Spring Mountain Rd., Ste 6, Las Vegas, NV 89146  —  (702) 202-2262


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