Chinatown: Takeout From Pearl River Deli


Macau porkchop bun


The pandemic has changed all our lives. I used to go out several times a week and now I’m lucky if I go to the grocery store every couple of weeks. I once made it three weeks before I ventured out. In Los Angeles, restaurants have been relying on folks picking up takeout or getting delivery. Briefly restaurants were allowed to have dine-in customers but with the surge of Covid-19 cases, that quickly was abandoned and now we’re back to take out and delivery. There’s still outdoor dining but I’ll get to that soon. I am going to start blogging about all the different takeout and delivery options in Los Angeles.

First up is Pearl River Deli in Chinatown.


bbq pork and ribs over egg noodles


I met the team behind PRD when they did a popup a couple of years ago showcasing Chinese street food. A few months ago they opened a shop at Far East Plaza in Chinatown almost right next to Howlin’ Ray’s.

Almost immediately PRD became an overnight sensation with their porkchop sandwich. I personally love Chinese pineapple buns (these are buns that look like pineapples but aren’t actually made with pineapple) and these bolo baos were so flaky! I immediately could see why the Macau porkchop buns were an instant hit.

We would get Chinese bbq at least once a week growing up. I’m a big fan of roast duck and not entirely on board with the other roast meats. However the bbq pork and ribs at PRD completely changed my mind. Considering how much I love pork, it was always a mystery to my parents why I wasn’t into char siu. I wish my dad could try Chef Johnny’s pork because he’ll love it as much as I do. I was going to get this over rice but I decided to try the meats over egg noodles. Ooh, these were so springy!

Hong Kong beef curry


Luckily the first time I had PRD, I split my order with a couple of friends so I got to try most of the menu. I loved the Hong Kong beef curry but around this time Curry House went out of business and PRD served up curry inspired by them. I may love PRD’s version just a little bit more.

Hainan chicken



One of the dishes Chef Johnny is famous for is Hainan chicken. This is ultimate comfort Chinese food. And be sure to get the broth as well!

zhong zi


My grandmother would make tiny packages of sticky rice wrapped up in leaves. I liked the bigger versions of zhong zi too with the tasty meats and egg but I always felt special getting the tiny one. I never thought much of the Dragon Boat holiday when zhong started appearing. And now that it’s passed, I don’t know when I’ll next have some. But I’m glad to see they are on the menu quite frequently at PRD.

Speaking of which, the menu does change occasionally so I would check their instagram page for the latest specials. I can’t wait to get back over there to try the mapo tofu and silky scramble shrimp.


Pearl River Deli at Far East Plaza

727 N Broadway, Unit 130, Los Angeles, CA 90012  — (626) 688-9507


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