SGV: Ethiopian Food Takeout from GS Ethiopian in Covina

beef and veggie combo


I’m an okay cook but after weeks, months of constantly cooking, I began to develop some very specific cravings. I wanted a Caesar salad. Caprese. Korean stew. Ethiopian food. Some stuff I can figure out and be satisfied with my version– now I can’t imagine buying Caesar dressing when I can whip it up. But lentils. I looked up recipes and decided it was better if I looked up the nearest Ethiopian restaurant to get take out from.

And that’s how I found GS Cafe. For the first time I went to socially distance with friends, I grabbed a couple of beef and veggie combos from GS. I called ahead and they were almost ready when I arrived to pick them up.

I always go back and forth on if I want all veggie or if I need some protein. I have always maintained I can eat all veggie but it’s not a lifestyle choice for me so I got the combo with beef too.

I loved that everything was wrapped in injera. I had debated if I needed to get extra injera but they provided enough. I really enjoyed all the different vegetables including some greens. The lentils though weren’t too distinct from one another. Ah, I miss Little Ethiopia and roaming around Fairfax to try every restaurant on that strip. But during these times, GS did more than satisfy a craving, it started a curiosity. Maybe I’ll venture down the street for barbecue next time because I know I will never smoke baby back ribs myself.


GS Cafe and Ethiopian Cuisine

1068 N Citrus Ave., Covina, CA 91722  —  (626) 332-0585


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