SGV: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner at Dong Nguyen in Alhambra

Vietnamese Cornish game hen with red rice


Years ago when I used to do food crawls, I would round up a bunch of spots looking for the best of whatever I was fancying at the time. I have done chili cheese fries, dumplings, tacos, pizza and so many other themed crawls. I remember my wontons search very fondly. One crawl I’ve never done is Hainan chicken. Sure, I frequent plenty of places but I haven’t tried to put them together over a course of a day (or weeks).

Now I think maybe I should. I’ve gone to Savoy and one of the contenders people bring up is Dong Nguyen. It’s a small shop located next to an Asian grocer. My family has been eating here for years. There are other things on the menu but people will order always order the Hainan chicken and the Vietnamese Cornish game hen with red rice.


Hainan chicken


We got two orders of Hainan chicken and one Cornish game hen to go recently. They come with broth and though it’s a simple meal, it’s very appreciated. Dare I say, winner winner chicken dinner!?

The red rice was good though it could probably be heated a bit after a car ride home. I like squeezing the lemon over the chicken and dipping bites into the special salt (it’s probably MSG!). My brother prefers to eat everything plain including going sauceless on the Hainan chicken. This seems outrageous to me since Hainan chicken lovers love the dish precisely for the sauce. Still, I tried a bite without sauce first. Ah, I definitely wanted that pert dressing.


Dong Nguyen

1433 E Valley Blvd., Alhambra, CA 91801  —  (626) 300-8618


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