SGV: Sandwich Cravings from Banh Mi My Tho in Rosemead

The Special


Banh Mi My Tho is widely known for their Vietnamese sandwiches. The original location started in Alhambra and there’s a newer one in Rosemead. I popped by to grab The Special, a sandwich so famous they get confused if you order a different type of meat.

The special is all cold cuts, grilled pork and pate. I loved the bread and the generous slathering of  pate. I could have used slightly more marinated daikon and carrots but it was a massive sandwich with the cucumbers and layers of cold cuts.


pork spring rolls


I had ordered over the phone for pick up and that’s when I discovered the menu is slightly different at the Rosemead location. So don’t try to order by the item number. Instead I just told them what I wanted. Now I didn’t realize the spring rolls were two per order. And when I ordered the egg rolls, they were sold individually so I had gotten four egg rolls and four spring rolls. Ooops, no, I ended up with 8 spring rolls because there are two per order! That’s okay though, spring rolls for a couple of meals!


pork rice plate


My brother wanted a rice plate which I mentioned to the person over the phone he wanted the one with egg. I guess I should have described it as the meat loaf that usually has egg in it. What he got were fried eggs. Just as well because there was a lot of meat already for this inexpensive rice plate!

egg rolls

As mentioned, I also got egg rolls. I wouldn’t get these again. They were fine but I liked the spring rolls best.


Banh Mi My Tho – Rosemead

9011 Garvey Ave., Ste C, Rosemead, CA 91770  — (626) 872-1884


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