East Hollywood: New Items at Tlayuda LA

potato taquitos


Tlayuda LA is best known for well, talyudas. They are the flatbreads with Oaxacan cheese. They’re often called Mexican pizza but we should learn food by its proper names. So these are tlayudas.

However, I recently visited for takeout and got tacos and their brand new potato taquitos.


mint lemonade

My favorite tacos that day were the chorizo and mole chicken. I also enjoyed the tinga one. Everything was mildly spiced so I would suggest adding some fresh salsas to the tacos.

I also used some of the green salsa on the taquitos which were just perfect.



To wash everything down, I tried the new mint lemonade. It was so appreciated during this hot summer! While I was waiting for my food, I saw many stop to grab takeout.

Grabbing food including a tlayuda would be a great a picnic.


Tlayuda LA

5450 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90029  —  (323) 963-5045


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