Venice: Patio Dining at Nueva

Drinks at Nueva

Nueva in Venice just opened in the old Sunny Spot location. Located right next to Scopa, Nueuva features ample patio dining. I did peek into the main dining room and hopefully we’ll be able to dine in soon as it is gorgeous. Plus I have always love the long bar that dominates the dining room.

I was immediately drawn to the Watermelon shrub margarita. I wanted something refreshing and it was just the ticket. My friend’s tepache mule looked so inviting but I didn’t try it. That’s the one thing about going out these days, we are way more careful about sharing drinks and food.

Tepache Mule – mezcal, pineapple tepache, ginger, lime, mineral water, bitters

Watermelon Shrub Margarita – mezcal, watermelon shrub, basil, coconut water, lemon pickled watermelon rind


We started with a couple of cocktails and nachos. The nachos are a generous portion and would be great for a table of four.

Smoky Caesar salad

I have to get in my greens so we got the Smoky Caesar salad which was very interesting. It might be the prettiest Caesar I’ve ever had. I was a little surprised the dressing wasn’t creamy but instead was a chipotle Caesar.

hamachi and uni

After months of eating my own cooking, I relish anything I wouldn’t make myself. Despite its seemingly simplicity, I would never think to lay out hamachi and uni like this. Topped with nectarines and sliced peppers, this was a decadent dish and just perfect for our light yet filling meal.


We ordered the pork belly chicharron and octopus tacos. I have always loved Chef Vartan Abgaryan’s octopus, no matter the prep. Here in the taco, you got some meaty chunks. 

The fruit in the tacos kept everything fresh and modern.

Naked and Famous

I also tried the Naked and Famous cocktail. I have plans to experiment with this drink! It’s inspired my obsession with equal parts drinks.

Naked and Famous – mezcal, Aperol, Yellow Chartreuse

Reservations recommended on Resy. Once you’re at the restaurant, they take your temperature. Menus are available via QR code. And you could also pay your bill by QR code which takes you to a site where you enter your credit card number. It feels very safe with tables spread apart and all staff wear masks and face shields.


822 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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