Echo Park: Drinks at Lowboy

Drinks at Lowboy

Lowboy opened in Echo Park about a year ago. It was rapidly becoming my regular bar that I had hit up about every 2-3 weeks. I have a post in my queue all about its opening, then updated with some new drinks that dropped in March. Of course we now know what happened then, we went into lockdown. And in fact, Lowboy was the last bar I went to before the orders came to shut all bars and restaurants. Fortunately, Lowboy was able to reopen and since it has food, does takeout and to-go drinks.

There are a few seats on Lowboy’s patio and they have taken up a few more tables on the sidewalk.

I went recently for my birthday as part of my mini Echo Park bar crawl (I started at Bar Calo which just reopened earlier this month).


Little Baddie – gin, hibiscus, lavender, sugar, lime


The burger

I usually order the cheeseburger and fries. It’s simple bar food and really very good. If I’m not too hungry, I still will get the popcorn. It may be the best popcorn in any bar in this town. On this night, I tried the chicken nugs (nuggets) and at first I didn’t think much of the tiny bits. In fact, I didn’t take a picture but I shouldn’t have been surprised to discover they were very good. I should have known since I do enjoy the food at Lowboy.


As for the drinks, the menu has scaled back to classics with a few Lowboy favorites. I had started with the Little Baddie because I like hibiscus and then ordered a Mezalin which is Lowboy’s version of a Penicillin with mezcal.

It was so nice to be out on that Lowboy patio, watching the cars whizz by on Sunset with the few friends in your hand-picked bubble.


1540 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026  —  (213) 266-8161

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