West Hollywood: Oste Opens with Full Menu Next Week

Oste pinsa

Oste opened last month with a pinsa menu. Pinsa is what we’d call pizza. Pinsa is Roman-style pizza and whatever it’s called, I am currently craving it!


Currently Oste’s patio is open for dining. Everything is well spaced and staff all follow safety protocols.


We enjoyed some wine and salad as we waited for the pinsa. I like that Oste is situated away from the busy end of the West Third strip. It’s in the former Little Next Door space, right next to Little Door.

funghi with sausage

We ordered two pinsas, the funghi which I added sausage to and the eponymous Oste which features guanciale and two cheeses; mozarella and pecorino. Pecorino is one of my favorite cheeses so I had to get that one.

The Oste pinsa

Both pinsas are well-sized and super crispy! That crunch was surprising but since I’m a textures person, I loved it. I found out the dough in made with different flours including rice that gives it that nice crunch.

I’m looking forward to next week when the full menu drops. The meatballs, fried squash blossoms, bone marrow all sound great. Plus there are three different mussels dishes! I love mussels. I would also go with whatever wine they recommend with the food. I had started out the night with a glass of montepulciano but the recommended sparkling rose went really well with the pinsa.

Also I can’t wait to try their seafood chitarra and lasagna. And is it an LA menu without a good burger?

Welcome to Los Angeles, Oste!


8142 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90048 — (213) 413-2172

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