Long Beach: Snacks & Drinks at Panxa

Ol Moda at Panxa

I loved Panxa! The open, airy restaurant was so cute. We sat at a two top near the bar with a bird’s eye view of everything. I would love to come back for brunch as we were too full to get more than a couple of drinks and a snack.

I immediately wanted the Ol Moda since grapefruit is my favorite citrus. I noticed this had grapefruit x3! Not only was there juice but the mezcal cocktail also used bitters and a flamed twist.

Ol Moda – Union mezcal, grapefruit, agave, grapefruit bitters, flamed grapefruit twist

charred queso Oaxaca

I didn’t want anything too heavy and the charred queso Oaxaca sounded perfect with the hatch green chiles. I had to force myself not to eat it all at once.

Peaty Pablo (with dried orange wheel)

Gourmetpigs chose a whiskey drink that sounded pretty interesting. I always enjoy a good drink with Benedictine. It follows a tried and true formula of brown, bitter, stirred.

Peaty Pablo – High West bourbon, Benedictine, maple syrup, vanilla, Angostura bitters

I can’t wait for the next Long Beach day!

Panxa Cocina

3937 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803 — (562) 433-7999

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