Westwood: Checking out the Bar at Fellow

Drinks at Fellow- Los Angeles Sour & Miami Vice Milk Punch

Fellow in Westwood recently re-opened and the bar is spectacular. Indeed, everything was wonderful. We ordered what I’m calling elevated bar food and luckily found a spot outside to enjoy our goodies.

We started with a couple of drinks which were perfect to sip on with all the people watching we were doing. I knew immediately the first drink I had to try was the Miami Vice milk punch. I love traditional Miami Vices (a pina colada with a ribbon of strawberry) so this wonderful modern one from bar director Adam George Fournier was an instant classic. On the menu, the ingredients are listed as IYKYK. Luckily I was able to figure out the drink itself is a pina colada coconut milk punch with strawberry daiquiri ice.

Los Angeles Sour – house blend whiskey, vermouth reduction, egg white, citrus

Miami Vice Milk Punch – IYKYK (pina colada coconut milk punch with strawberry daiquiri ice)

marinated foie gras

Food is from Chef Chris Flint, formerly of Maude, Eleven Madison Park and the Nomad in LA. We started off with the marinated foie gras with onion, strawberry and mustard greens. This was super interesting and not at all the traditional foie with jam prep.

duck confit tagliatelle

For dinner, we shared the duck confit tagliatelle and dry aged burger. Los Angeles is a burger town so we had to try it. I liked both but probably will order the pasta again and again.

Fields of Barley & El Camino

We tried another pair of drinks. I was immediately attracted to Fields of Barley with the intriguing mash bill syrup. I also enjoyed the El Camino with mezcal.

Fields of Barley – rye, mash bill syrup, bitters, citrus zest

El Camino – mezcal, sherry, tropical fruit, spice

dry aged burger & fries

As mentioned we got the dry aged burger with fries. The fries were a bit salty but that didn’t stop me from eating half of them!

tempura fried maitake mushrooms

I love mushrooms of all kinds but am particularly into maitake (hedgehog) mushrooms. The tempura batter was so light on these shrooms!

pistachio cake

We almost didn’t get dessert but my love for all things pistachio won out and we got the pistachio cake. I’d like to try the butter mochi next time!

There were a couple of spots I always went to in Westwood with clients and I’m so glad to add Fellow to that rotation.


1071 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024 — (310) 208-1071

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