Nana Queen’s: Puddin’ & Wings Truck

In the ever-increasing food truck community of Los Angeles comes a new truck, Nana Queen’s. Specializing in pudding and wings, they are unique in a sea of fusion taco trucks.  I usually try trucks as I come across them but I saw their tweet this morning they would be coming to Downtown. And not just any part of Downtown but about 1/2 block away from where I was going anyway on an errand. I couldn’t not go.

Plus, I like the strawberry and banana colors of the truck. The picture of the truck was taken by one of the friendly workers on the truck today but on my camera. I was snapping pics out front and she offered to take one of the other side. Thank you!

Jay Molly Green Onion Ranch & Garlic Parm wings

I got the 10-wing combo which came with fries and a drink. I really wanted to try some spicy wings but they were out of the spicy teriyaki so I chose the garlic parm and green onion ranch. The ranch dressing was a bit lemony and sweet. I definitely liked those wings more than the garlic parm. Maybe I was missing the spice.

close up on the green onion wings

I did get to the truck too late though. They were out of pudding! Ah well, next time!