Celebrating National Noodles Month

The other day I discovered March is National Noodles Month. I am a self-proclaimed noodles whore and immediately I wanted noodles.

chicken satay

I had plans in Westwood on Wednesday and initially I was going to get something fancy pants before the concert I was attending but decided to check out Mr. Noodle instead.

beef Thai boat noodles

It’s a clean cafe featuring may noodles but mostly of the Thai variety. I ordered the Thai Boat Noodles which I have generally loved at most of the Thai places. Unfortunately, this bowl of noodles reminded me of Vietnamese pho. While it wasn’t a bad bowl, it just wasn’t what I was looking for. It didn’t have the yummy tripe or pork skin bits.

seafood wonton noodles

The Noodles Partner’s bowl of wonton noodles was just plain weird. The wontons were unidentifiable. Was it beef? Or pork? Either way, we were very unsatisfied with our meals.

mint chip ice cream sandwich

photo by Jenny B

Good thing right next door was our savior. Diddy Riese Cookies! I had an ice cream sandwich and bought an extra cookie for the next day. Yay for cheap therapy and sweets.

The company, however, was so much better. After the concert, we were walking back to our cars when we saw some shady stuff go down on the corner of Le Conte and Westwood. I had no idea Westwood was so crime-ridden. Cops even pulled a gun on the guy they were arresting and were just screaming at the guy. Asking him for ID and whatnot but of course every time the guy tried to turn around, they yelled at him some more. We were caught on the sidewalk not knowing what to do. I thought about taking pictures or video but opted to stay far away and try to figure out if it was worth jaywalking and crossing back over safely away from the scene.

I am sure it’ll be a long while before I stay out past midnight in Westwood with all this excitement.