LA Calling Manhattan: Search for the Perfect Manhattan

Midnight Mahattan from Whiskey Blue

Being a cocktailian means you try a lot of interesting cocktails but admire the classics. One of my favorite drinks is the Manhattan. My favorite is at Seven Grand in Dowtown LA. However, recently I discovered Drago Centro makes a mean version for a mere $5.

This week, I had two different ones. At the Whiskey Blue inside the W Hotel in Westwood has a version called the Midnight Manhattan. A Manhattan has bourbon, vermouth and bitters.  Whiskey Blue’s version is more girly. It has bourbon, Grand Mariner, white cranberry juice, sour mix and simple syrup. All right, it’s not really a Manhattan but Manhattan inspired.

Manhattan from Chaya Downtown

I also tried Chaya Downtown‘s Manhattan this week at happy hour. I have to say I much prefer Drago Centro’s version. Also at $5, Chaya’s version was a bit watery. It was missing that smooth warmth from bourbon.

I may have my favorites but the search for more perfect* Manhattans continues.

** sometimes I do order a Perfect Manhattan with both sweet and dry vermouth