Happy Hour: Chaya Downtown

I’ve been to Chaya DTLA several times including for lunch and happy hour. Last week, I checked it out again because I heard they were doing a beer garden but it turns out that’s only on Mondays.

Still, we enjoyed happy hour and ordered a slew of things. The $5 cocktails were much appreciated and I enjoyed the Russian Blues, a vodka based cocktail with fresh blueberries. The Manhattan was okay.

brussel sprouts

I loved these brussel sprouts! They separated the individual leaves and deep fried them. But eat them quickly because once they got cold, it was just gross and oily.

lamb albondigas

When Chaya first opened, I remembered getting these and wasn’t too impressed. Now they’re covered in cheese, more sauce and I think there’s even one more meatball than before. Winner!

short ribs melt dip

I thought this was a grilled cheese with short ribs from the description on the menu but our server told us it’s actually a dish of short ribs and you pile it on bread yourself. It wasn’t bad but somewhat more difficult to eat. The short ribs were okay, not too tender but I generally approve of the idea of meat, cheese and bread.


I’ve been looking for the perfect mussels. These were on the tiny side but I did like the garnish.

seafood tartare roll

Chaya also serves sushi. There are some specialty rolls on special for happy hour. We got the seafood tartare roll. I liked the crunchy bits in it.

Chaya Downtown

525 S Flower St
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 236-9577