Battle Lasagna: Old World VS New World

After the Revenge of the Merlot, I went to my second home, Drago Centro, and although I love, love, love the Kobe sliders and sausage pizza, I really wanted pasta. Specifically, lasagna.

I ordered it and it was pretty good. It was missing the tang of a tomato acidity though and I mentioned it to them. Currently, my favorite lasagna is Mozza 2 Go’s particularly meaty lasagna.

But you know how when you crave something, you keep eating it if it’s not quite right?

Instead of going to Mozza, I proceeded to order lasagna a few more times in a week.

stracciatella soup

Starting with Frankie’s Italian Kitchen,  a little old school place in Tarzana. I had the stracciatella soup first which unfortunately wasn’t as good as Doughboy’s version.

Frankie's lasagna

It was very traditional but I felt almost too cheesy. I wanted more meat!

Frankie’s Italian Kitchen

5538 Reseda Boulevard
Tarzana, CA 91356-6261
(818) 705-1295

This week, i had lunch at a new Italian place, Cucina Rustica, which opened up in Downtown Los Angeles. I really liked the space and how they decorated it. Staff was a bit rough (I think I may have been the first person to make reservations!) but you can tell they were really trying which I appreciated.

I enjoyed the bread and salad. The olive oil was particularly good quality and the salad was extremely fresh.

Cucina Rustica's lasagna

I thought the lasagna was kind of weird looking. The lasagna seemed like they were cut off at odd angles and then rearranged into the dish but you couldn’t tell because there was a ton of sauce.

The flavors were bright though. And the bechamel sauce was a nice creaminess. But still, where was the meat?

After three lasagna meals, I’m off to Mozza 2 Go.

Cucina Rustica

888 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90017-2668
(213) 988-8880