Boys, Brunch & Bloody Marys

About a week ago, I went to brunch with the Hungry Hungry Hanh and we talked about boys over 2 for 1 Bloody Marys at Henry’s Hat.

I always feel reassured when I have these heart-to-hearts that I’m not the only single girl in LA having trouble in the romance department.  Actually, no, I wouldn’t even describe it as “troubles”– just how life is going.

There’s a part of me that wonders why I meet so many great women in the same boat. Where are the men? Supposedly in LA, there are more men than women so where are they hiding? I have single guy friends in NY who tell me there are more women in NY but they’re having trouble dating as well.

Is it the big city thing? We just have a lot of options. Men my age are apparently dating younger (and women my age date younger as well but we like to joke about it and call them cougars or pumas). There’s time to date. Some just aren’t in a big hurry to settle down. I know I don’t want to get married so I’m fairly low-key. I am not chasing some white picket fence dream. Plus, I like boys (no, I don’t have Bieber Fever). So much less pressure.

Going back to “a lot options,” we often hear “there’s plenty of fish in the sea.” It seems easier to break up with someone than to really work on the relationship (this is for long-term relationships, not year or less relationships).

To answer my own question of where are the men, I recently read an article about where to meet people. Standard clues such as the gym, bookstore and dog parks were included. Some didn’t make sense to me though. The number one thing suggested was going out to eat. I really wished they elaborated because I don’t find myself meeting people at a restaurant. Oh sure, maybe I become friends with a particular restaurant and its staff but I’m not in that dating mind set. Other patrons? Aren’t they eating? Am I not usually buried in the menu weighing my options? It’s not like I’m going to launch myself at every guy eating alone. And let’s not talk about the bar scene.

poached egg broken on the boar hash

Strangely, the article didn’t mention the one thing I think may work which is to volunteer for something you believe in or take up a new hobby. Friends have told me things like the Sierra Club or running clubs except they don’t appeal to me.

I am unbelievably busy.  I did stop online dating because I found myself meeting the same type of guy and it didn’t help if I changed websites, the same people were on that site too.

This post isn’t much different from my other dating posts. There’s no new Mr. Minty prospects. Just the musings from brunch which was fun with great company, invigorating service and bloodys that packed a punch.

Henry’s Hat

3413 Cahuenga Boulevard West
Los Angeles, CA 90068
(323) 512-2500

food picture:  complimentary cereal, chili con queso “made it mud,” steak salad and pulled pork hash