Aspiring to Nirvana

I checked out Nirvana in Beverly Hills with friends a week or so back. I wanted to get there for happy hour but alas, I was fighting with cross-town traffic and traffic won. For happy hour details, check out the Vixen’s post.

Burning Passion

I discovered that while I like some spice to my food, I really enjoy spicy cocktails. Bring on the jalepenos for drinks! This Burning Passion was a nice balance of spicy and sweet.

Nirvana lamb curry

I was very glad the girls stuck around for dinner with me. We had three Indian curries; chicken tikka masala, a prawn curry and lamb curry. The lamb was my favorite with huge chunks of tender lamb. We also had a dal and plenty of garlic and regular naan. The dal is cooked over charcoal so it imparts a smokier flavor.

carrot halwa

mango napoleon

Most days I hate carrots. And shredded coconut. The Halwa features both as the cake is served with coconut ice cream. Everyone loved the carrot halwa but me. It’s not Nirvana’s fault though and I’m very happy to report they had a mango dessert I loved. The mango was thinly sliced and topped with fresh yogurt cream. It’s the perfect way to end the evening of hearty curries.


8689 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90211-2927
(310) 657-5040