Santa Monica Farmers’ Market

The Wednesday Farmers’ Market in Santa Monica is legendary. Chefs congregate and often have said they buy from this particular Farmers Market. The spin off, the Saturday Market was much more low-key. Perhaps a bit more touristy as well.

I love Farmers’ Markets and always get a kick seeing heirloom and new produce. If I was going home right away, I perhaps would have been tempted by the oysters, yellow-gold potatoes nicknamed Laker Bakers or heirloom tomatoes. A friend bought a simple bundle of lavender and some fruit. Ah, there is domestic bliss to be found here.

Recently, I have heard a lot about free range eggs and how they cook up so much better than eggs from caged chickens. I, of course, have seen them sold quite expensively in grocery stores. But I like the idea of buying from a Farmers’ Market and buying eggs collected that morning.

I’m coming back for all these treasures and more. There’s a stand selling cooked foodstuff from a local restaurant. Check the schedule to see if your fave Santa Monica resto is taking a turn.

Click here for more pictures from the Market.

Santa Monica Farmers’ Market- Saturday

3rd Street Promenade at Arizona Ave.

8:30 AM to 1 PM