Shopping the Closet: Budget Hollywood Glamour

It’s Blogger Prom on Wednesday! The theme is Hollywood Confidential. Think old-school Hollywood Glamour (1930s-1940s). And because I shop ALL the time, I tend to buy a lot of accessories and party dresses. It was with pleasure I was able to “shop my closet” and pull out this MNG by Mango dress I bought several months ago on clearance for $40. Forgive this bad cell phone pic but it’s dark purple with the neatest gathered waist. The style is very art deco/ ’40s to me.

But the shoes? Ah, the shoes. I went through my collection last night and am contemplating several pairs. Once I decide on the shoes, I should be able to pull together the rest of the accessories quite easily. I’m favoring the silver but so many other pairs would work as well.

purple suede (ish)

My dress is purple. I could go with a monochromatic look and go with these purple suede wedge platforms but they almost immediately hurt my feet. I’d be limping in 5 minutes flat. Pain or fashion?


I apologize for taking all these pictures in the grubby garage. And on top of apparently the dustiest washer and dryer known to man. The lighting does show how these are true silver. Also, a solid wedge heel. These are my main contenders though.

black stilletos

I’ve never worn these shoes. I admit I’ve had them for at least three years. But they are very, very sexy on. I’m afraid of not making it past the first hour as they are brand new.

red ruffles

Purple and red? Hm, what is this red hat society? Well, I know I’d do okay in these heels despite them being 4 inches.

gold/silver bows

I don’t think these are quite evocative of that era but I like ’em.

red/black spectators

These would be the perfect heels if they were in black and white. I originally meant to buy them in that combination but the store didn’t have any left in my size. And almost reluctantly, I went with this pair. I love them though. And it was even better I got them for $5 (after sale price, clearance price, coupon and additional discount because they were slightly scuffed). Ha!

black & white striped

These are very art deco to me. They’d match the dress well. The only problem I have with these are my feet tend to slide down and then my toes are pinched. How do I stop this from happening?

black lace over red satin

Although these are also red, the black lace over the red satin has created burgundy shoes (not that you can tell– sorry!). These are also contenders.


I actually really love these shoes but I’m not sure the combination of purple and brown would work. At least for glam Hollywood. Maybe though.

orange-y tan

I just bought these heels. I’m pretty sure they don’t go but I love ’em anyway.


I’ve worn these shoes once before. I love the look of them. They are just not that comfortable. Although they seem more ’70s to me, they could also work.

patterned purple

Here are the shoes I would obviously choose for this dress but I think the pattern is very ’60s and not quite right.


So I’m thinking bronze would work but I’m beginning to spot a pattern in my life. These shoes hurt, too. Despite being all rrawh rah Naturalizer, they aren’t that cushy. How do those NBA women play basketball in these heels? Or was that a different company? Easy Spirit? No matter, nixing these.

The infamous gold heels

The infamous gold heels are a bit more scuffed these days. I’m not really a sort of girl who buys a lot of expensive shoes so that said, I don’t maintain my shoes very well. Although I am seeking a shoe repairs rep to fix up a few pairs I can’t give up. If you know a good cobbler, send them my way.

leopard print

I actually can’t decide if these are leopard or cheetah print. Either case, I could teeter totter on these or…?

green polka dots

These are not serious contenders but you never know! I may decide to whip out these (minty) green polka dot platforms!

Your job: Give me your top 3 in comments.

Whaddya win? I dunno, a special tweet from me? Okay, you’ll get something really super awesome.