Lunching at the Lazy Ox

I most recently wrote about the Lazy Ox in July so why another post? Well, this time I went for lunch. I previously have only gone for happy hour and dinners. I did recently try brunch there and will mingle some of those pics in.

charcuterie and cheese


fruit salad

For brunch, we were served a number of items starting with a cheese and charcuterie platter. We also had biscuits and they were wonderful with strawberry jam. I also liked the fruit salad sprinkled with pepper.

roasted cauliflower

grilled romaine salad

french toast

We enjoyed more nibbles including roasted cauliflower, grilled romaine salad and French toast. The French toast was quite perfect. I was trying to finish my salad when the server tried to take my plate away mid-bite. Uh? Hey, this is great, leave my plate!

pasta salad

pork belly skewers

Aaaaand more bites. The pasta salad was also on the lighter side. What better to counter-balance the crispy pork belly skewers?

"breakfast in an egg"

I really think Chef Josef is a genius sometimes. Everything you want in a breakfast– in an egg. It had sweet, savory, creamy, crunchy textures and tastes going on.

grilled veggies

fried squash blossoms

grilled green cabbage salad

My favorite dishes from Chef Josef are the vegetable dishes. He sent out the grilled veggies with his compliments. But we couldn’t resist also getting the squash blossoms which were amazing. That sauce was probably the best dipping sauce but we didn’t need it. And the green cabbage salad was great.

beef and pork ragu spaghetti with fried egg

veal with potato salad

I noticed that Lazy Ox has a grilled cabbage salad and veal with potato salad on their dineLA dinner menu. I’d like to enthusiastically endorse it now.

turkey pork belly bacon sandwich

For my lunch, I opted for the turkey sandwich. But not just any turkey sandwich. This one had bacon. Oh, and pork belly. Yum! I actually thought the small size was good because we had so much other food and I was able to enjoy some fries with this as well.

butterscotch budino

Mozza is of course famous for their butterscotch budino so we had a few unsure if this would be as good. It’s very good. This was also compliments of Chef Josef.

rice pudding

However, my favorite dessert is the rice pudding. I cannot leave Lazy Ox without having this. It’s currently my favorite rice pudding. I can’t imagine loving another and would be extremely distraught if it ever left the menu.

The Lazy Ox Canteen

241 South San Pedro Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012-3808

(213) 626-5299