I’m the Mayor at…Lazy Ox Canteen

Recently, I was asked how often do I write about a place. Considering this blog isn’t very old, I haven’t really “reviewed” the same place twice though I may have mentioned them in passing. Okay, so that’s not exactly true. I did review both nights I went to LudoBites 3.0. The first night was fantastic. I was so excited, remembering my joy from the first time I tried out LudoBites last summer. Then the second time was bittersweet because it was the end of the 13-day run.

However, I’m very excited Chef Ludo is bringing back his fried chicken at a special one-day event, the LA Street Fest. The wrap on this taco truck is amazing!

Remember, if you want to crawl with me that day during the fest, I’m meeting people at the Don Chow truck at 11:30 a.m. Check this post for the Facebook RSVP page.

I don’t use Foursquare but if I did, perhaps I’d be in battle with the legion of foodies vying for the mayorship of the Lazy Ox Canteen. Consider this post my second review for Lazy Ox Canteen.

beet salad

At last week’s happy hour, I got a chance to try out more dishes. I really enjoy veggies and in particular, beet salads. This bright and colorful one really made my night with its tangy citrus dressing.

Lazy Ox's chicken liver

Unfortunately, things can be too tangy. It was as if there was balsamic vinegar in this. I didn’t like the chicken liver and found the flavor too liver-y for me. I thought perhaps it is because I’m not a huge liver fan (with the exception of foie gras) but no, I loved the chicken liver at Mozza2Go I picked up last week.

Mozza2Go's chicken liver

Well hell, Mozza has bacon in it! Of course it’s good. But no, after thinking about it, I liked that Mozza’s chicken liver was more chopped up rather than the almost dry minced form at Lazy Ox. Both were priced about the same though it seemed I got more from Mozza.

fried anchovies with honey water

Still, everything else I got last week was great including the fried anchovies.  Several months ago, I tweeted something along the lines that I was craving MSG. It’s not true of course. I just wanted salt. Or flavor. Or well, umami. These little fishies were it!

pork belly soup

The previous night at Elements Kitchen, I had a lovely mussels and oysters chowder with one piece of pork belly in it. When I spotted the pasilla soup at Lazy Ox with pork belly, I knew I had to have it. I was naturally curious about the comparison. They are too different to really compare. Both are great. I did like that the Ox had chopped up pieces of pork belly which made it easier to share with a group of people.


This was my best shot of the night. And it was a tasty dish to boot!

rice pudding

I love rice pudding. This version was such a collection of flavors and textures. I really enjoyed it on its own without the sauce and cream on the side.I could have used some nuts in it though. But I’m just nutty like that.

I’ll write again about a place if I’m particulary excited about new dishes but since I go to some restaurants once a week, I don’t think I’ll be updating beyond a second review unless there’s some significant change.