Checkers: My Own Phototasting

I was unable to get to the Phototasting event this past Saturday as I had a previous engagment but I did check out Checkers again for Happy Hour last Thursday.

secret garden

When I went back in December, we modestly ordered the four featured items to share. Then we later realized it wasn’t enough food and some ordered full entrees.  This time, I was prepared and ordered three of the four items for myself as well as a couple of the featured drinks.

mint julep

Mr. Samuels

Ginger Rogers

Of the four drinks, I preferred the Mint Julep and Mr. Samuels. The Secret Garden was too watery for me. The server said wasn’t it wonderful you can hardly taste the Maker’s Mark? Um, but I like whiskey! I want my bourbon! The Ginger Rogers was just too bitter for me though it is very pretty.

fritto misto

I didn’t order the fritto misto but the UncouthGourmands did and I have to say I did take this pic while they were devouring it so it did come with more tempura veggies and avocado.

yellowtail sashimi with mango

I love yellowtail. I love mango. The two went surprisingly well together. I also liked the nice bite of chili in this dish.

flatiron steak

Very juicy and lovely. I was surprised how great the steak turned out. For $4, I should have ordered another one!

Monte Cristo

However the highlight of the night had to be the Monte Cristo. The deep-fried sandwich was perfect with the blueberries and powdered sugar.

This once-a-week 4-4-4 happy hour with the $4 drinks and $4 food from 4-8 p.m. on Thursdays (duh, the fourth day of the week) is great but can be very, very taxing on the servers. They are slammed by hotel guests and business folks fresh from their 9-5 jobs. Be patient as you may not be able to order right away. A tip is to order directly at the bar.

Although Checkers isn’t my favorite happy hour, they’re still nice to check out every now and then. Plus, there’s always going to be some pretty pictures to take!