Lazy Ox: Opportunarian Tries Beef Tartare

beef tartare


When we last met the Opportunarian (former vegetarian, now she relishes trying it all), she tried pork at both Sotto and Picca. Eating seafood now seems like a piece of cake. Then she asked if I wanted to try the beef carpaccio at the Lazy Ox. Of course! But when we were seated, she decided to try the beef tartare.

I hadn’t had the tartare at Lazy Ox before. The consistency reminded me of spicy tuna for sushi. However, this tartare relied on the fruit and ricotta to give it some flavor. I am used to tartare that has been spiced.

cabbage salad

One of my favorite things at the Ox is the grilled cabbage salad. However, this version tasted as if it’d been braised. I missed the crunchiness of the former beauty of a salad. Still, it was a good side.


I have always loved Chef Josef Centeno’s vegetables. This okra with spiced lebni and hazelnuts was great. Lebni is a Middle Eastern yogurt-like sauce.

crispy rabbit livers

I loved the vegetables that came with the crispy rabbit livers. I keep trying rabbit but it has never grown on me. I ate up the raddichio, hearts of palm and apple with anchovy vinaigrette instead.

soft shell crab

I am a bit of a fiend for soft shell crab and order it whenever I see it. I was a bit surprised this was just half of one considering it was $19. I would have loved the whole soft shell crab.

creamy farro with pine nuts and pea tendril puree

Besides the okra, my favorite dish this evening was the creamy farro with pine nuts and pea tendril puree. It was like a risotto of farro.

rice pudding

Well, I can’t leave the Lazy Ox without the rice pudding. It is easily my favorite dessert in all of Downtown.

I look forward to one day trying the fried chicken at Lazy Ox and what dishes Chef Josef comes up in the Fall.


The Lazy Ox Canteen

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