Checking Out the New Chef at Lazy Ox Canteen

Lazy Ox Canteen

I used to go to Lazy Ox Canteen all the time but ever since Baco opened, I had been concentrating more on Baco where Chef Josef Centeno now runs his own restaurant. Lazy Ox Canteen has brought on Chef Perfecto Rocher to head the kitchen. He is best known for working in 3 Michelin star-rated restaurants including the famous El Bulli.


roasted Japanese eggplant


One of the things I most looked forward to at Lazy Ox Canteen were the vegetables. I was glad to see there was still quite the selection. We decided to get the roasted Japanese eggplant and sugar snap peas to start.


sugar snap peas and quinoa

The eggplant turned out to be mildly spiced, topped with yuzo kosho creme fraiche and bonito flakes. It wasn’t my favorite flavor combination but it wasn’t bad. On the other hand, I loved the sugar snap peas which also came with pea tendrils and quinoa.


surf clam sandwich

I had asked about the surf clam sandwich but didn’t actually order it. It came out anyway and we tried it. Unfortunately the sandwich was very salty.


Serrano ham sandwich


I found the Serrano ham sandwich difficult to eat with the thick slices of tomato and mozarella. It didn’t mean I didn’t eat it though. I had a good time breaking it apart and eating it deconstructed.



fried Jidori hen


The Lazy Ox Canteen fried Jidori hen was excellent. I happily ate the polenta and which the Jidori hen was a wee bit bigger– but only because I’m greedy for fried chicken. But we did order our appetizers so I was full.

I’ll have to go in for dinner soon. I want to try the paella from Chef Perfecto, a third generation paella maker.

The Lazy Ox Canteen

241 South San Pedro St., Los Angeles, CA 90012-3808 – (213) 626-5299

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