DTLA: Baco, Always a Lunch Favorite

tomato confit

Since it opened, Baco Mercat became an instant lunch favorite in DTLA. Although I I have a very special fondness for brunch and dinner as well. And not because I can have a cocktail with those meals. No matter the meal time, Baco is still my “new” favorite restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles despite it being open for almost eight months now.

eggplant salad

I never miss a chance to eat more vegetables. The eggplant salad sounded good that day. But I went nuts for the tomato confit which turned out to be roasted tomatoes, burrata and Japanese mushrooms.

fava bean baco

My friend had the fava bean baco. I’ve heard good things about it and it looked amazing. She did say it tasted like fish. She’s a vegetarian so we’ll have to check to see if they fry meat with their veggie items next time. Otherwise, she liked what she called her “weird lunch.”

meatball baco

I’ve been meaning to try the meatball baco for months now. I envisioned it to be a bit like a meatball sub. But it proved a bit unwieldy to pick up so I ate it with a fork and knife.

chocolate cake

A few weeks ago, I tried the walnut panna cotta and it was amazing. Sadly, they were out of it this day so I got the next best thing, chocolate! This warm chocolate cake surprisingly light despite the warm chocolate sauce center.

I’ll be back for more! Maybe I’ll employ the eat desserts first and get the panna cotta before they run out!

Baco Mercat

408 S Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90013 – (213) 687-8808
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