DTLA: Dinner at Baco Mercat

Baco Mercat- photo by Kerry Maller


I’m really in love with Baco Mercat. After deciding during lunch it was more like a super casual Lazy Ox Canteen, I hurried in for dinner. If there were more of us, I would have ordered all the sides. Instead, I got a baco and shared the Brussels sprouts.

Baco bread service


I decided the bread they brought us was cut up baco (pita-like bread) and baked like bread sticks.

Brussels Sprouts


I love Chef Josef Centeno’s veggies. He does such a good job with making flavorful vegetable dishes. I would be hard-pressed to pick between his meaty meat dishes or his magical veggie sides. Thank goodness I don’t have to choose.

Copper Fix


Baco was offering a few cocktails that evening. Or you can pick your spirit of choice and pair it with their Baco pop (homemade sodas) or other sodas. A bit like Neat. The Baco pop (orange ginger juniper) sounded interesting as did the sweet and sour soda which is a daily flavor and changes. I decided to get the Copper Fix which was a whiskey and ginger highball.My friend’s gin cocktail was delicious and I probably should have gotten one of my own. They also have a handful of amaris like Fernet Branca and Nonino. The liquor list is actually very beautiful. They may  not be a craft cocktail bar but I wouldn’t mind spending more time at the bar. I found it really amazing Baco had secured their full liquor license before they opened.

toron baco

The Toron baco of oxtail hash called out to me. I was very pleased to see it come with plenty of sprouts. I felt my happy childhood memories of sprouts and sunflower seeds flooding back to me. Next time I hope to get the meatball since I remembered loving it so  much the first time I ever had bacos.

banana cream cannoli


We were so full but Chef Josef sent out dessert. How can I pass that up? The banana cream cannoli with the cardamon cream was very interesting. I enjoyed the chai tea tasting cream. It won’t knock my fave rice pudding at Lazy Ox from its pedestal as reigning dessert in DTLA but I will make time to explore the rest of the dessert menu soon.  Plus, I have to come back for more bacos and cocktails!

Baco Mercat

408 S Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90013 – (213) 687-8808