New Favorites at Public Kitchen & Bar at the Roosevelt


I recently stopped by Public Kitchen & Bar on my way to check out Ivy Mix guest bartending at Spare Room.

pea tendrils


My friend and I shared the ricotta cheese-stuffed gnocchi to start. We really enjoyed it as it’s a little different from your standard gnocchi. On another night, I convinced some friends to try it but they preferred the traditional sort. If you’re adventurous or a cheese lover, these stuffed ones are for you.

I can’t help but order pea tendrils everywhere. Usually I get these at Chinese restaurants. Public’s version was a bit tougher but still a great sorce of veggies.

suckling pork


When I saw the plating for the gnocchi, I knew there must have been a different chef in the kitchen. The plating has gotten so much better. And though the skate is still on the menu, it’s now served in a deep bowl. I like it. It somehow feels a bit more upscale yet in the comfortable gastro-pub environment Public has always been.

The suckling pig was my ideal- crispy skin for the pork belly, juicy chop. I almost got it the next time I went but decided to try the lamb belly.

Crispy Sweetbreads


Last week, I was back at Public. This time I was visiting Spare Room to see Marcos Tello and Jason Schiffer guest bartend tiki night. We started off with the aforementioned sutffed gnocchi and crispy sweetbreads. I’m used to dainty sweetbreads. It never occured tome sweetbreads were so ginormous. These were meaty and softer than how I usually describe them to sweetbreads virgins – “like chicken nuggets.’ Nope, these were like the size of baseballs (not really- this is an exergeration). In any case, they were a table favorite that night.

lamb belly

As mentioned, I decided to get the lamb belly. Oh, it was wonderfully fatty and meaty at once. It reminded me of really good short ribs.


My best friend got the flavorful halibut. She liked the vadouvan spicing.

panna cottaly


We probably could have skipped dessert but that’s no fun so we got the Asian flavors inspired panna cotta with the keffir lime leaves. It left a slight bitterness to the dessert. I liked it but I tend to like more bitter flavors as time passes.

salted caramel and chocolate

But a dessert everyone would love is the salted caramel ice cream with chocolate cake. The cake was light and moist and made even better with a dab of creme fraiche.

Will I be back again? Absolutely. Find me there before another guest bartending night at Spare Room if not sooner!






Public Kitchen & Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel

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