Un-pho-gettable Pho Filet

egg rolls

On the quest for more burrata, we again tried our luck with Uruguay Cafe and found them closed again for lunch. One of these days…

In the meantime, South El Monte does have plenty of pho shops for us to indulge in a cheap bowl of noodles. On my initial trip to Pho Filet some time ago, I only had the rare filet mignon pho. I found it a pretty good baseline for the area. On this trip, I decided to get the combo to see how it would compare to Pho Huynh down the street.

avocado milkshake

We started out with an order of egg rolls. The long thin egg rolls came with an enormous amount of fresh veggies and herbs to wrap up your egg roll in. Dipped in fish sauce, it was a nice appetizer. I also ordered an avocado milkshake which is probably my favorite kind of milkshake- thick, creamy and not overly sweet. I can’t drink much of it though which is probably good since the drink alone has to be 500 or so calories. When my cousin couldn’t gain weight during her pregnancy, her doctor recommended her to drink a milkshake a day. She should have had some avocado milkshakes. Healthy fats indeed!

combination meats pho

I ordered a small bowl and I was so glad I did. I could barely finish the damn thing. It was chock full of the usual meats but I liked how they cut the tendon so they weren’t large clumps. I would actually eat tendon this way. While I think I enjoyed my bowl more over at good ol’ Pho Huyhn, I liked the quality of the broth at Pho Filet more. It was cleaner and didn’t leave you in a mid-afternoon food coma.



Pho Filet

9463 Garvey Ave

South El Monte, CA 91733-4622

(626) 453-8911