New Menu at First & Hope

Foie Gras Torchone

Back in October, I met the new chef, Joseph Panarello, of First and Hope and had been waiting to check out the new menu. I got a taste of it during dineLA week when I went for dinner. The website still has the old chef’s bio but you can check out the new menu and also on Grubstreet.

Foie Gras Torchone

I got a call the day of to confirm the reservation and was asked if we were going to a show. Yep, we were heading to the opera and was then asked when did we went to get out of there. I told them and our server re-confirmed when we sat down.

Cod with Kobacha squash puree, Honshimeji mushrooms

Knowing that going in, I still think First & Hope can work on their timing. I know fancy cocktails can take a while but they were really backed up. Then our server got my order wrong and muttered something about it taking a long time to fix. Not something I wanted to hear. I had ordered the bone-in New York strip and was given the filet mignon. I’m not a filet girl. I like flavorful steaks. Magically, the NY strip suddenly appeared. I guess the kitchen can hustle if there are theatre goers after all.

"bone-in" NY strip

But for some reason bone-in is not the description I would have used for this steak. When I think of bone-in, I think of a much thicker chop. I know NY strip is just one half of a T-bone or Porter house steak but I probably wouldn’t have even mentioned the bone then. At least, not as a selling point.

I had asked for it to be medium rare and it was. We gobbled down our food and barely made it over to the show. One of these days I hope to actually have enough time to eat dessert at First & Hope and have a leisurely cocktail.

First & Hope

710 W 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90012-2442
(213) 617-8555