New Winter Cocktails and Happy Hour at Drago Centro

blue point oysters

Drago Centro introduced their new Winter cocktails last Thursday. There are also new items on their bar menu which I’ve described as the never-ending happy hour as these prices are good all day, every day. How could I not try the oysters? They were only $5 and they were topped with house-made blood orange “caviar.” We also tried the new duck pizza (replacing my beloved sausage) and they have a pressed sandwich that you and I will call a panini but they call it Il Tramezzino.

duck pizza

Il Tramezzino

It’s quite possible I have a new favorite pizza at Drago Centro. And their enormous calzone is still available for only $10. While I still love the kobe sliders duo and the “little sandwiches,” the Il Tramezzino with parma proscuitto, provolone, black truffle butter and arugula is very satisfying as well.

All cocktails are $12.


Unbridled – Applejack, Green Chartreuse, Lime, Simple Syrup, Mint

When I first took a look at the new cocktails, I zeroed in on the Unbridled.  I noticed there weren’t any bourbon or rye cocktails. After tasting the Unbridled over the course of two nights, I requested it to be made with bourbon. It was amazing that way! Michael Shearin, the sommelier of Drago Centro said this drink went “Kentucky Mint Julep” style when made with bourbon.

Watcher in the Woods

The Watcher in the Woods – Gin, Douglas Fir, Lemon Juice, Nocello, Lavender Syrup, Mint Bitters, Nocello Candy

Maybe this is a kind of creepy name for a drink. Does the watcher have an ax?? But as it turns out the drink had a secret weapon of its own. The Douglas fir in the drink made it almost unpalatable to my friends but I kind of like it. It tasted more like pine nuts to me. Plus, it was a very lovely minty green.

Cusco's Crown

Cusco’s Crown – Encanto Pisco, Pear Puree, Lemon Juice, Angostura Bitters

The Cusco’s Crown would be my easy drinkin’, go-to drink.

Smoke on the Horizon

Smoke on the Horizon – Dark Rum, Drambuie, Carpano Antica, Mole Bitters

I loved this drink! Actually, this would be my go-to drink but I fear I could only drink two of them per night.

puro sangue

Puro Sangue – Vodka, Solerno, Honey Syrup, Blood Orange Caviar

It’s a pretty drink and good for vodka drinkers. The blood orange caviar from the oysters (well, not from the actual oysters I just ate) made an appearance in this drink.

violette femme

Violette Femme – Reposado Tequila, Maraschino Liqueur, Yuzu Juice, Crème de Violette, Limoncello

And here’s the cocktail for tequila lovers. I think this is a softer “margarita” type drink. Easy sippin’.

morning courage

Morning Courage – Genever, Beet Juice, Lemon Juice, Serrano Tincture, Celery Bitters, Pickled Radish

As a lover of pickled things, I adored this pickled radish garnish. I also enjoy bloody marys. However, if you don’t love beets (which I do), then this may not be you. It is more herbaceous than sweet.

January Jones- in the making

January Jones

January Jones – Appleton Rum, Demerrara Syrup, Cinnamon Bitters, Butter, Star Anise

A few days after Christmas, I was at Drago Centro enjoying a cocktail and head bartender Jaymee handed me something she was working on. She described it similar to a hot buttered rum. I liked it and thought the floating star anise was pretty. It was pretty cool to discover this drink made it to the new cocktail menu under the name, January Jones. Was it named for January Jones or was it because people were jonesing for January during the bitterly cold rainy days of December?

Drago Centro

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