Gee Whiz, Son of a Gun!

Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook, the guys behind Animal opened up a seafood restaurant a couple of months back named Son of a Gun. I made it over last week after hearing how great it was. Of course, my expectations are pretty high considering the guys dreamed up foie gras loco moco. The story goes they hadn’t meant to open a seafood place but had such a good relationship with their fish monger they went for seafood. The original name of the restaurant was to be something else (Dirty Chicken) but Son of a Gun seems to fit the nautical-themed restaurant.

lobster roll, celery, lemon aioli

There were three of us and I am so glad I saw how tiny the little lobster roll was while waiting for drinks at the bar (yes, drinks! Cocktails! Full liquor!). We ordered two just to be on the safe side. The adorable bite was topped with minuscule potato chips. It was a delicious mini bite of lobster and butter (lobstah and buttah).

yellow amberjack collar , Chang Mai, chicharron

My two dining companions didn’t seem too keen on the amberjack collar. Maybe the little fin threw them off? The piece was very good, perhaps more bony than some are used to. I loved the little pieces of chicharron.

alligator schnitzel, heart of palm, orange

I had heard the things to get besides the lobster roll were the alligator and chicken sandwich so of course we got ’em. I have had ‘gator once and wasn’t too into it. Our biggest surprise was how this ‘gator did NOT taste like fishy chicken at all. In fact, the sweet batter reminded me of a doughnut and sweetened each bite.

linguine and clams, uni aglio-olo, chili, breadcrumbs

We wanted some noodles and decided on the linguine and clams with uni. It was great but rather hard to share with two others. I would have liked the portion to myself.

cod, pho fumet, herbs, lime, bok choy

I wish they brought the cod in a pho fumet broth out before the massive chicken sandwich or even the alligator. I felt we didn’t appreciate this enough. I have always loved cod but the delicacy of it was lost on me after the fried stuff.This presentation reminded me a bit of Red Medicine.

fried chicken sandwich, spicy B&B pickles slaw, rooster aioli

chicken sandwich- interior

We got two chicken sandwiches though I wondered after seeing it if we over-ordered. The thing was massive! But it turns out most of it was the pickles and slaw. Still, that is some thick piece of chicken.

flourless chocolate, banana, coconut ice cream, peanuts

Once again, I was to the point of no dessert but it’s hard to do when at a restaurant for the first time and the need to try “everything” is upon you. We opted for the chocolate dessert. When we first saw it, I was surprised how messy it looked. It was just crumbled pieces of chocolate cake that were strewn about “artistically.” Sure, it tasted wonderful and it all goes to the same place but it just wasn’t very visually appealing. I am not that kid-like in that respect. I like glamour and sex on a plate (although that squidge of caramel is oddly-shaped…)

Overall, I LOVED the atmosphere and decor. Everyone was so friendly and the cocktails were great. I had a Little Italy during my meal and it was fantastic. The milk punch was nicely boozy. I’m definitely going back but I have a funny feeling I’m going to make it back to Animal first for some more foie gras loco moco.

Son of a Gun

8370 W. 3rd Street

Los Angeles, CA 90048

(323) 782-9033