Return to Barbrix and the Good Ship Grace

Brion's weekly special

I met up with Jennie from the Happy Hour Tour a couple weeks back at Barbrix. I hadn’t been in a while but the prosecco cocktails for $8 always seem so enticing.

crostini misti

I knew we had to have the crostini plate when I spotted it on the menu. My faves were the salmon and artichoke.

deviled eggs

One of the most enduring things on Barbrix’s menu are the deviled eggs. They’re topped with bits of marinated boquerones.

rainbow trout with crab and shrimp sauce

We didn’t really order from the happy hour menu but this crab and shrimp topped rainbow trout sounded so amazing, we had to get it. It also helped that it was cooked in butter. Loved the slivered carrots and zucchini.

creme brulee

interior of creme brulee

I have to stop eating dessert. Tomorrow. Until then, I’ll indulge in this creamy creme brulee.


2442 Hyperion avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 662-2442

Bonus tidbit:

The Good Ship Grace

I’ve seen this building near Barbrix over the years and have always been fascinated. I looked it up and it used to be a Christian radio recording studio for a group called Haven of Rest and the building was named the Good Ship Grace. I love art deco. Grace is a California Streamline Moderne building which popular in the 1930s. The architect and builders are unknown. Last I heard it’s for sale.