Chichen Itza at the Mercado La Paloma

Chichen Itza


When my office was across the DMV by USC, there weren’t too many places in the immediate 5-minute walking vicinity for lunch. We would have to take the USC tram or drive to get to the cafes on the  main road. Enter the Mercardo La Paloma. It opened a few months before we moved to Downtown Los Angeles. And for a few brief months, I flirted between Chichen Itza and the few eateries in the indoor mall. It was a treat to eat in the gaily decorated market. While some restaurants have faltered, Yucatan restaurant Chichen Itza has endured, evening opening a second location for a few years near MacArthur Park. Unfortunately that location closed but I’m still glad Chichen Itza has its original stand at the market for they serve my favorite cochinita pibil.

tamal colado

tamal colado- interior

Recently, I went to use my Blackboard Eats special for Chichen Itza. We went with the recommended tamal colado with the anchiote chicken. It was warm and had a great sauce.

jicama salad

We shared everything including the refreshing jicama salad that came with the fish.


Good luck pronouncing tikin-xic. I ended up calling it “the fish” most of the night. This dish is two 4″ Basa fish filets marinated in lime juice and anchiote. I loved the mildness of the fish and how firm it was. I wondered how it’d be in a ceviche which Chichen Itza does serve.

cochinita pibil


rice and beans

Besides the rice and beans, the meals were served with tortillas. You needed all that to mop up the savory juices from the beautiful pork cooked with fruit juices. I love the pickled onions. And for a kick, I added a few drops of their housemade Chile Kut sauce. It is spicy! After a while, I started feeling full but we still ate it all.

Chichen Itza's chile kut hot sauce

Feeling daring? Chichen Itza is going to have two contests as part of their Father’s Day celebration with live music and raffles. For the person who eats the most hot sauce (on the food of their choice) will win a $50 gift certificate. It makes the panucho eating contest look almost do-able.

queso napolitano

We calmed our now fiery mouths with the queso napolitano (flan). The eggy dessert was a perfect way to end our meal.

Chichen Itza is located at the same center as Mo-Chica. If your party can’t decide on one eatery, make it a crawl! I also like the Taqueria Vista Hermosa stall next to Chichen Itza.


Chichen Itza

3655 South Grand Avenue # C6 Los Angeles, CA 90007-4308 – (213) 741-1075