City of Angels Wine Fest Recap

On Memorial Day, I went to the City of Angels Wine Fest presented by the Rotary Club of Los Angeles to benefit Volunteers of America and their commitment to helping the homeless transition to jobs.

Grilling at Nick & Stef's booth

Nick & Stef's beef

Chef Megan Logan pictured above grilling shrimp. Nick & Stef’s also gave out BBQ beef crostini.

Nick & Stef's shrimp

I was really kind of bummed to get only 4 tickets for food. It made deciding what to get very difficult. The shrimp was easily my favorite bite of the day.

meatballs from Zucca

Zucca was on hand with salad and meatballs. I opted to use one ticket on the meatballs.

Cafe Pinot

Cafe Pinot smoked trout

And then I used a ticket for the smoked trout from Cafe Pinot. I wish I had another ticket to try the panna cotta.

fried herring from Kendalls

Fortunately, I did have a guest and we ended up splitting our tickets to maximize our fooding. I really enjoyed these fried herrings from Kendalls. Mm, snacky fishies! I usually just go for a post-show drink at Kendalls after seeing something at the Music Center but now I’ll consider them for food as well.

Tina Tacos

I happen to go to the Music Center fairly frequently and invariably it’s a quick meal at the little cafe. But now I’m going to seriously consider Tina Tacos from now on. The short ribs tacos were very good. And I liked the look of the ceviche.

ceviche from Tina Tacos

short ribs tacos from Tina Tacos

Very juicy tacos!

entertainment at the Wine Fest

Besides all the wine (there was UNLIMITED wine!), we enjoyed some musical acts. This band from San Francisco was fun.

I saw someone walking around with their own cheese and charcuterie. They had bought the wine-only ticket and that might not be a bad way to go next time. Or at least supplement the food tickets. Of course, you could go the baller route and buy the VIP ticket next year for unlimited food and wine (and party in the Foundation Room!).

City of Angels Wine Fest


** Full Disclosure: I was invited to this event.