Savor Los Angeles 2011 Recap

Savor Los Angeles


I was invited to Savor Los Angeles, a food fest that benefited CoachArt. Participating vendors brought special sample bites for the theme “BFFs”- Best Food Friends. The Pairings ranged from Cast Iron Gourmet’s carmelized bacon trail mix to the ever tasty Pandan Chicken from Starry Kitchen.

VeeV blackberry & mint lemonade

We were welcomed into the event with customizable cocktails from Veev. I opted to get my VeeV lemonade with blackberries and mint. The jar was so cute but alas, I didn’t take it home. I could imagine explaining to the cops “but officer, this is a CLOSED container.”

Pure Cheesecakes


Cast Iron Gourmet


First up was Pure Cheesecakes. People were raving to me about the bleu cheese cheesecake. I am not really a fan of stinky cheeses so I steered clear. Perhaps next time I’ll investigate their other flavors. I did however grab some of the aforementioned carmelized bacon trail mix. This is the perfect snack for those Ruyon Canyon hikes. A glam trail mix for a trail full of celebs and their handlers.

Bangers & Smashed

Bangers & Smashed


Over at Bangers & Smashed, I was laughing over the sign “Keep Calm, Harry is still single.” With cut-outs of Big Ben, the London Bridge and a lady in a rockin’ British flag dress (complete with white boots!), it was a mod-ol’ time at this booth. And it’s a bonus the food was equally enjoyable.


Reservoir's fava bean crostini

Reservoir served a gazpacho and a fava bean crostini. I normally don’t think much of these items but both were so flavorful that I’m now dying to check out Reservoir. I like how fresh everything was.

Malo/ Mas Malo's aguachile shrimp

At the next booth, Malo/ Mas Malo brought their aguachile shrimp. The shrimp was a generous size, doused with a chile sauce that helped cook the raw shrimp and topped with cubed avocado. This screamed summer to me.

Auntie Fruf's Aahsome Fudge

I was trying to avoid sweets (why must they taunt me with their delectable goodies?) but couldn’t resist the macaron like alfajor. At least it reminded me of a alfajor with a big chunk of fudge sandwiched between two delicate layers.

Ngyuen of Starry Kitchen

pandan chicken from Starry Kitchen


I first had Starry Kitchen’s pandan chicken from their Test Kitchen night. It’s still as savory as ever. Ngyuen didn’t wear his banana suit this night.

Word on the street is there are still some tables for LQ @ SK tonight and tomorrow. Give ’em a shout.

The Farm of Beverly Hills


I still love the Farm of Beverly Hill’s brownies. They brought brownie bites, gazpacho with shrimp and served dip with their cool veggie display.

Zhena's Gypsy Tea


Overall, the event was exactly as described- an intimate event with like-minded partners committed to high-quality, organic food. The pop-up shop offered dining certificates to all the above vendors. I didn’t stay for the raffles but I heard a certain someone won a little black dress.


Neil Patrick Harris portrait at Siren Studios


Now if only NPH was really there.

Savor Los Angeles