West LA: Bruhaus Now Open

Bruhaus in West LA is now open. I was invited to come check out the pub which serves a wide range of craft beers along with a huge menu of ten different sausages including two vegan options; Vegan Mexican Chipotle and Vegan Smoked Apple Sage.

Bruhaus Menu

Chef Charlie in his open kitchen

Bruhaus is sleek and modern yet warm with wood accents throughout the restaurant. I liked the open kitchen and watching the food being cooked.

carmelized onions, sweet peppers, spicy peppers

Duck & Bacon Sausage

Alligator & Pork Andouille

I tasted three sausages that night and loved the Duck and Foie Gras (not pictured). The Alligator & Pork Andouille was spicy! As well as the Creole Turkey. I was fairly liberal with the toppings. I love sauerkraut but I would be more sparing with the spicy peppers next time. With all that spice going on, I asked for a beer that would put out the fire and was recommended to try either the German Schneider Aventinus or Belgian Malheur. I happened to be drinking the Aventinus at the time and it wasn’t calming the spice so I asked for the Malheur. It worked!

haus pickles

fries with beetchup


I thought Bruhaus had a great array of interesting dips including their bright fuschia-colored beetchup, sweet sambal aioli and jalepeno ranch.

Bru Burger

I was too full to try the Bru Burger but liked you can add Neuske bacon or a fried egg for an additional $2 (I’d probably get both though!).

sweet potato tots

giant Bavarian pretzel

Sides include haus pickles, sweet potato tots and a giant Bavarian pretzel.

drinks at Bruhaus

Bruhaus does have a full bar and will be launching a specialty cocktail list soon. They’re also planning on a happy hour.


I enjoyed my night at Bruhaus. There’s finally a great gourmet sausage place on the Westside. I’ll be coming back to try the Bockwurst and of course get more of that Duck and Foie Gras.



11831 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025-6601
(310) 473-2337