Koreatown: Beer Belly

Beer Belly

After another great wine tasting at DomaineLA, we headed over to Beer Belly for a bite to eat. I had heard so much about the fried catfish and chips that I could almost taste it as I neared the brightly decorated  “shack.”

Beer Belly

Once inside, the cheery staff quickly got us beer. My friend loves craft beer and went with a flight. I nursed a ginger beer soda brew until I figured out what I wanted. I sat around admiring the beautiful wood paneling.

Buderim Ginger Brew

beer flight

I was bummed to find out they were out of the fried catfish! Ahhhhh, what to do? Wings it is! And duck fat fries. I was drinking beer, I might as well live it up a little.

duck fat fries

garlic hot wings

rosemary hot wings

Since I couldn’t decide which hot wings to get, I got both the garlic and rosemary hot wings. Woah, the garlic ones were definitely spicier. I needed beer STAT.

Cismontane Black's Dawn Imperial Stout

Beer Belly bartender

I noted to our bartender that I tend to drink porters and stouts. He recommended the Cismontane Black’s Dawn which was a great Imperial Stout. It had the rich coffee flavor I like so much in stouts. At 8% ABV, it packs a whallop.

steak frites

My friend went with a sensible meal of steak frites. The steak was so tender! But after the decadent duck fat fries, we were hard pressed to eat regular fries even with all the great home-made sauces.

deep-fried twinkie

Others at nearby tables were getting the deep-fried Oreos but my friend knew what she wanted— the deep-fried Twinkie!

deep-fried twinkie- interior

I had a small bite and let her have at it. I almost thought it was inhumanely impossible how fast that bit of deep-fried goodness disappeared. There may have been references these desserts deserved to be named “sex” and “orgasm” but I’ll let you decide for yourself. I know I’m definitely trying the sex, I mean deep-fried Oreos next time.

Beer Belly

532 S. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 387-2337