Koreatown: Philly Cheesesteak at Whiz

jalepeno cheesesteak

jalepeno cheesesteak


On my scale of favorite types of sandwiches, Philly cheesesteaks is pretty high up there. While at Beer Belly recently, I mentioned to the owner Jimmy I hadn’t gone to Whiz, his year-old sandwich shop. Like magic, some cheesesteaks arrived. I snagged the jalepeno which was nicely spicy. It comes with the house-made pepper jack whiz (no, none of that fake stuff here). I have to admit I did eat the other half two days later and that Amoroso roll held up wonderfully.

Now I have to go back for a traditional cheesesteak or maybe a burger, hoagie or any of the hot sandwiches. The Balls o’ Bacon sounds all sorts of amazing. And if I wanted to do a fries challenge, Whiz could be a one stop crawl with Philly Mega Fries (provolone, mozarella, whiz, bacon) or Sriracha Beast Fries (c’mon!).



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