Chinatown: Shopping & Eating at LAX-C



After reading Midtown Lunch’s post on LAX-C, I plotted when I could get over there. Conveniently, I had a friend who was craving Thai food. We thought it would be a hilarious and exciting adventure. Eat with Thai restaurant workers at their spot? Eat in a giant grocery store nicknamed the Thai Costco? Sure, why not?

combo- greens, minced chicken larb

green curry with jackfruit and fishcake

We got there at 1 p.m. and there wasn’t the amazing variety as reported by Midtown Lunch. I was bummed there weren’t any pink noodles and the offerings were rather generic looking. My friend ordered first, picking the veggies and ground chicken along with the green curry.

combo- veggies & shrimp with beef

penang curry with chicken

I opted to go with the other pescatarian-friendly veggie dish. The woman doled out the veggies and added 2 shrimp. Two! My seafood-loving heart was sad. However, there was a ton of beef. I went for the penang curry.

While we liked both curries, they were lukewarm and a bit oily. I liked the green curry more with the jackfruit and fish cake. I also liked the blobby green veggies (tomatillo?) but the texture was unappealing to my friend. She adopted my penang but thought the chicken was underdone.

Overall, we wished we had gone to Thai Town.

But it was fun to walk around the store. Here are my favorite images:

they'll fry up fish for ya!

for that next big tempura making party...

cool chopsticks

[Minty Note] Thais don’t generally use chopsticks, preferring to use fork and spoons to eat. The chopsticks are used for noodles though.

speaking of about a crate of 'em?


We also saw furniture, random household goods, produce and lots of frozen meaty parts for sale.

tiny, I mean, teeny tapioca balls

oh cool, green and pink tiny tapioca balls

We sure did have an adventure but yep, we’ll head to Thai Town next time.

More pics from the day.

Nguyen at Starry Kitchen did say the coffee and beignets at nearby Chimney Coffee are great.




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