dineLA: lunch at Bar | Kitchen

maple chili-glazed pork belly


My other dineLA lunch this week was at Bar | Kitchen. So far, I haven’t been exploring new restaurants but going to favorites like Starry Kitchen  and BK instead. Going to Bar | Kitchen is also like going home.


Tuscan kale and white bean soup

My dineLA buddy and I decided on the pork belly and Tuscan kale and white bean soup. Like our Starry Kitchen meal, we shared everything. Yes, I like sharing hard-to-share things like soup. The pork belly was a surprise to me. It was so tender and I really liked the plum sauce– it was vaguely Chinese plum sauce tasting to me. The crunch of the pickled sunchoke was a bit of a surprise. I really liked this dish.

I’ve had the Tuscan kale and white bean soup before and it’s as good as ever with a bit of parmasean.The other choice was the baby beets salad.

bone marrow


We were naughty and ordered bone marrow in addition to our dineLA meals. It was so worth it.

shrimp & grits

roasted jidori chicken

To be frank, I rarely order chicken but I adore BK’s roast chicken. I sometimes just get this dish which is already $16 and a cocktail (or two) after work. It’s the ultimate comfort food. The dish changes somewhat with the availability of vegetables but the chicken is consistently good. Juicy, succulent and the perfect dish for the rainy day.What a bargain to have a 3-course dineLA meal for $16!

The shrimp and grits is also a fave. For the vegetarians, they have a mushroom toast option.

butterscotch pot de creme

chocolate and peanut butter cake with banana ice cream, peanut brittle

You know a butterscotch pudding is good when it reminds you of your favorite version, the budino, at Mozza. We marveled at whose was creamier. I also like the chocolate and peanut butter cake. The other option was apple and croissant bread pudding.

I almost want to go again next week for another dineLA meal and get all the things I didn’t get. Or the chicken. And most assuredly the butterscotch pudding.


Bar | Kitchen at the O Hotel

819 South Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017 – (213) 623-9904