DTLA: Dinner at Bar | Kitchen

Quince Clover

It’s not often I make it a dineLA lunch and dinner at the same place. Of my five dineLA meals last month, I went to Bar | Kitchen twice, once for lunch and once for dinner.

foie gras terrine

smoked trout frisee salad

There were three of us so we decided to get one of each of the offerings. For the appetizers, Bar | Kitchen offered foie gras terrine, smoked trout frisee salad and the Tuscan kale and bean soup (pic here) also offered at lunch.

grilled pork porterhouse

kabocha pumpkin risotto with bleu cheese & grapes

pan roasted sockeye salmon

I was very happy with the foie gras terrine and pork porterhouse. I’m not a bleu cheese fan so the squash risotto wasn’t quite what I wanted. I can see how the kabocha pumpkin, cheese and grapes could work though. The salmon was cooked very well.

Death & Taxes

I had two cocktails this night including Quince Clover from the new cocktail menu and Death & Taxes from the weekly rotating menu.

Quince Clover– gin, Chef’s quince jam, dry vermouth, lemon, egg white

Death & Taxes– Beefeater gin, Pig’s Nose whiskey, Benedictine, Caparno Antica, orange bitters

apple croissant bread pudding

In addition to the delicious butterscotch pot de creme and chocolate and peanut butter cake, we had the apple croissant bread pudding. I had previously compared the butterscotch pot de creme to Mozza’s budino. I think it’s close — Mozza’s is still creamier but the taste is very good. On this night, we had someone who worked at Mozza with us and she agreed…after tasting it again and again just to be sure.

I’ll be back to BK over and over for cocktails and food. I’m glad dineLA introduced more folks to this DTLA. Just save me a seat at the bar. Or better yet, come along on the Fireplace Crawl in a couple of weeks.


Bar | Kitchen at the O Hotel

819 South Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017 – (213) 623-9904